Topics for straight argumentative research papers


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Battered woman syndrome


Battered woman syndrome is a psychological and physical condition of a woman who has suffered from physical, emotional and sexual abuse. It seems that the immediate response to such behavior is to leave the person abusing the woman. However, not all women have places to go. What is more, there are lots of other reasons why they stay in abusive relationships: belief that it has been ‘last time’ and that their boyfriend/husband is going to change; economic dependence; desire to establish peaceful relationship; fear of danger as some batterers tend to stalk and threaten their girlfriends/ wives; loss of self-esteem, depression and loss of energy to change the situation.

Speaking about the syndrome itself, it is usually characterized by the following: the woman believes that violence is her fault; the woman is convinced that she deserves it; the woman fears for her life and for the lives of their children; the woman is sure that her partner is omniscient.

The important aspect here is to try and seek help as well as to have courage to stand up against violence. It is not normal for a boyfriend or husband to behave in such a way. No woman deserves that. Do not hesitate to learn more here …

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Order custom research papers

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How to write thesis statement

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Feelings about the movie On Golden Pond

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College research paper topics

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Cheap dissertation

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